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24 april 2012

Book Launch: The Case for Copyright Reform

Download your free copy of the book

Legalized file sharing, shorter protection times for the commercial copyright monopoly, free sampling, and a ban on DRM. These are the main points of the proposal for copyright reform that the Pirate Party is advocating, and which the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament has adopted as its group position.

Together with Rick Falkvinge, the founder of the first Pirate Party, I have written a book that explains why this reform is both necessary and sustainable, and will benefit both citizens and artists.

Today we will launch the book in the European Parliament. If you are in the European Parliament in Brussels, please come to the coffee bar on level 3 in the ASP building and pick up your free copy between 12 and 14 today.

If you are not in Brussels, you can download the book for free, or order it as print-on-demand, from the site

This is a constructive alternative to the controversial ACTA agreement, and to the criminalization the the entire young generation. It is quite obvious that the current policy of ever harsher enforcement measures against ordinary file sharers just isn’t working.

Europe needs to set a new direction in copyright policy, and needs to do it urgently. But the good news is that we can.

Get your copy of the book, and find out why and how.

There is a better way.

6 kommentarer

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    Pingback av #sgae #leysinde @engstrom_pp y @Falkvinge publican un libro:"El Caso de la Reforma del #CopyRight" | La #SGAE se hunde! | — 24 april 2012 @ 12:29

  2. I had a good skim-through. most of it I already knew but it is, I believe, the first time I’ve read it summarized in an easy format. My thanks, CE.

    The extensive linking to independent studies based on empirical fact is especially helpful in view of the uninformed hyperbole usually presented by copyright dogmatics.

    Kommentar av Scary Devil Monastery — 24 april 2012 @ 15:17

  3. Standing ovations. There is not much to add, very clear ans simple. Try to make so that this book can be ordered online, i bet many people will order one, not for them self but as a gift to someone they think need to read it.

    Kommentar av steelneck — 25 april 2012 @ 17:12

  4. Just discovered, the link over at Ricks site to where the book can be ordered. I know someone who need to read it, i think i will give him a copy.

    Kommentar av steelneck — 25 april 2012 @ 17:21

  5. Oh, I want it. And of course with a dedication and signature from the both of you guys. You are great! 🙂

    Kommentar av Carl Johan Rehbinder — 6 maj 2012 @ 1:12

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