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10 januari 2012

A Kopimist Creation Myth

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Kopimism is Sweden's newest officially recognized religion

The Missionary Church of Kopimism has been recognized as an official religion in Sweden. It is still a very young religion, so there are many aspects of it that need to be developed and defined.

Here is my proposal for a Kopimist Creation Myth (previously published in Swedish):

In the beginning, the world was a stinking mess of ammonia, methane gas, and nasty toxic chemicals. The atmosphere was alight with flashes of pure energy. Something wanted to be born.

In ways and for reasons that remain to be explored, the ribosomes appeared, who could copy. This was the beginning of Life. We therefore see Copying as the first manifestation of the Divine Spirit.

When the ribosomes were there, and could copy both themselves and the proteins necessary to build a cell, this led to cells actually appearing. Exactly why the proteins chose to voluntarily organize into something more complicated is, as we said, not yet fully explored, so we’ll have reasons to come back to this. But we leave that aside for the moment.

The important thing is that the cells appeared. Cells have two properties. First, they can copy themselves, just like the ribosomes before them. Second, they like to cooperate with others to build things that are larger than any of the constituent parts.

From these two properties, the living world that we see around us developed. The giraffe and the parsley, the forest and the shoal of fish, all other living phenomena ever filmed by the BBC.

We Kopimists therefore see Copying as the First Fundamental Principle of the Creation.

We see the Desire to Build Something Larger Together as the Second Fundamental Principle.

From this basis, we want to learn to understand the Divine Spirit and the world we live in. And we want to do it together with others.



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