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21 december 2013

A Kopimist Gospel — Executive Summary

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Read or download A Kopimist Gospel

Read or download A Kopimist Gospel

Today is the midwinter solstice, and I am presenting a Kopimist Gospel.

Kopimism is a new religion for atheists, agnostics, and believers in other religions who want a new perspective on their current faith.

Kopimism takes its starting point in the evolution of life on Earth, and embraces the scientific description of the world. But science alone does not tell the whole truth about this fantastic universe.

Kopimism adds meaning and purpose to the scientific description of evolution, while still respecting science. Instead of trying to fight that description, as some religious fundamentalists (mostly Christian) do, we are inspired by it and want to learn from it.

Looking at the history of evolution, including the evolution that human societies have experienced, we identify four Fundamental Principles that we think are worth highlighting. These are the four Kopimist K’s: Creativity, Copying, Collaboration, and Quality.

There is no Creator God in the description of Kopimism presented in this Gospel. Instead, we think that the scientific description of evolution together with the four Kopimist fundamental principles are sufficient to explain the marvel of our existence.

But even if we reject the idea of God as the Creator, this does not rule out that there could be other Gods. This is an issue that is deliberately left open by this Kopimist Gospel.

In support of such a religious belief system, we note the fact that Science never claims to tell the whole truth, and that there are spots of chaos and unpredictability all over today’s scientific theories.

It may be that the activity in these spots is just random, as some believe. But it may also be that these are the spots where concepts like the the Soul, Free Will, or even God can be inserted into the description of the world without violating any of the laws of science.

This Kopimist Gospel deliberately leaves the issue of a God open. But there could be other Kopimist Gospels, or other religions, that give different answers to that question.

Science and religion can coexist, and we are living in a creative universe filled with magic, miracles, and beauty. There are forces that guide the creation towards the interesting and good, so we dare to feel safe in the trust that creates the world.

This is a Kopimist Gospel.

Good Midwinter Solstice 2013!

Copy and Share!

Read the full introduction to A Kopimist Gospel

Read or download A Kopimist Gospel

2 kommentarer

  1. Copy and Share ! May the New Year present you with much valuable Knowledge and spare you from the Ignorance !

    Kommentar av Kristofer Pettersson — 21 december 2013 @ 15:02

  2. I know you probably already know this Christian, and sorry for posting this here if you do. This IS ACTA by the backdoor. Something that should have been already expected!

    Kommentar av Pedro — 22 december 2013 @ 1:29

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