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18 september 2013

”The people who were supposed to protect us have installed backdoors that put us all at risk”

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Watch the interview about the NSA scandal (18 min)

Watch me talking about the NSA scandal (18 min)

During the September plenary in Strasbourg, I talked to EUreporter about the current NSA surveillance scandal, and about how the people who were supposed to protect us have actually undermined our security by installing backdoors in our infrastructure, and how the US is using its capabilities to do industrial espionage.

Watch the interview (18 min)

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  1. ”If there was a vote, here in plenary, suggesting that the police should be allowed to open all physical letters, without any suspicion, just because they feel like it, that would be voted down unanimously, of course.”

    Are you absolutely sure about that? The only reason they would vote that down is if they fear that large amounts of people would be so disturbed by it, so they vote for another party. I don’t think anyone would. People don’t seem to care the least about privacy anymore.

    Most people I speak to about privacy, when I push it to: ”would it be okay to have a surveillance camera, broadcasting to the government, in your living room”, they say ”yes, I wouldn’t have a problem with that” You see how bad things really are? Or are we insane? I’m beginnig to doubt my sanity, when ninetyfive percent don’t think privacy is important. Either that or it’s Cassandra syndrome.

    Kommentar av Anonymous — 18 september 2013 @ 17:02

  2. Hi Christian, are you aware that the EU is shortly to vote on a resolution that appears to demand that any criticism of feminism be made illegal?
    Please publicise this and advise us on how to resist this proposal.

    Kommentar av Schopenbecq — 19 september 2013 @ 8:39

  3. Christian, please read the links that in comments 2 and 3, and use your keyboard! I’m almost speechless as to how bad that looks!

    Especially this (total surveillance): ””Guarantee of tolerance must be understood not only as a vertical relationship (Government-to-individuals) but also as a horizontal relationship (group-to-group and person-to-person). It is the obligation of the Government to ensure that intolerance is not practised either in vertical or in horizontal relationships.””

    And the concept itself, like the difference between disapproval of male and female circumcision, one OK the other criminal.

    One of the points was banning totalitarian speech. If that was in English and not Newspeak, the entire Europarl except you and a few more would be silenced. The problem is it is not.

    Please look at it! The media won’t.

    Kommentar av Anonymous — 19 september 2013 @ 17:24

  4. Here is an article that gives a good overview of this horrible situation, also with a lot of good links in it: A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering: On NSA

    Here is another article by the same author that gives a detailed description of one of the backdoors, with lots of good links embedded: The many flaws of Dual_EC_DRBG The irony is that software with this backdoor is mostly used by the US government (and organizations cooperating with them), as FIPS 140-2 certified means backdoor likely open by default, and that other well-funded organizations (Russian and Chinese espionage for example) are the most likely to gain.

    Kommentar av pwq — 21 september 2013 @ 13:57

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