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10 januari 2013

Renewed Invitation to the Anti-Snus Lobbyists

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The anti-snus lobbyists still refuse to meet me, and won’t even respond to my invitations

The anti-snus lobbyists are very active in Brussels, but they still refuse to meet me, or even answer my emails. Yesterday I saw one of them at a seminar, however, so today I just sent them the following email:

Dear Smoke Free Partnership,

It was a pleasure to see your lobbyist (whose name I unfortunately did not catch) at the seminar yesterday on snus and the corruption case against former commissioner Dalli.

However, noticing that you are still actively lobbying against snus reinforced my surprise at the fact that you have not even bothered to respond to any of the invitations to meet and discuss the issue that I have sent you.

When you sent your letter to all MEPs in the Green group, including me, after the resignation of Mr. Dalli last year, I originally assumed that you were prepared to come and present your point of view in case any of us were interested. I have still not understood why this is not the case.

I am a member of the IMCO committee, and I will be working actively on the Tobacco Products Directive, with the aim of ensuring that the principle of evidence-based policy making is applied. In my opinion (which you may or may not agree with) the goal of tobacco regulation should be to reduce the harm caused by tobacco.

As I am sure you are aware, Gartner et al conclude in their article published in The Lancet that:

Current smokers who switch to using snus rather than continuing to smoke can realise substantial health gains. Snus could produce a net benefit to health at the population level if it is adopted in sufficient numbers by inveterate smokers. Relaxing current restrictions on the sale of snus is more likely to produce a net benefit than harm, with the size of the benefit dependent on how many inveterate smokers switch to snus.

It is against this background that I cannot understand your opposition to snus, and would have liked to hear you explain your reasoning.

I am also interested to learn more about your lobby organisation, in particular: To what extent is your organisation financed, directly or inderectly, by the pharmaceutical industry?

I am still very interested in hearing your answers to these questions, and I hope that you will reconsider your current strategy of not even responding to the emails I send you. If you are, after all, prepared to meet me, I shall be more than happy to recieve you in my office at any time convenient to you.

Since your original email was sent to the entire Green group in the European Parliament, I am putting my colleagues in the group in cc.

Best regards

/Christian Engström MEP

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3 kommentarer

  1. Varför håller du på och krigar för att Sverige ska få exportera snus. Det har aldrig varit fråga om att man inte ska få snusa i Sverige. Förbudet gäller bara export. Det borde finnas viktigare frågor att kämpa med.

    Kommentar av Lars — 10 januari 2013 @ 12:30

  2. @Lars: Självklart ska inte snuset diskrimineras gentemot cigaretter eller andra tobaksvaror. Principen för rörlighet över gränserna inom EU ska gälla alla produkter som är lagliga i ett EU-land, det är alltså inte snuset som sådant som är viktigt här utan det är att man i just en enda produktlinje valt att göra ett undantag med hänvisning till folkhälsan medan man låter långt farligare varor flöda fritt.

    Kommentar av Pontus — 10 januari 2013 @ 14:22

  3. Eller uttryckt annorlunda; Christian vill belysa så många vansinnesgrejer med parlamentet han bara kan. Snusfrågan är ett väldigt bra sätt att nå ut till allmänheten, då en betydande del av befolkningen snusar, till skillnad från ex. bönder och jordbruksstöd, eller fiskare och fiskekvoter. Genom att avslöja korruptionsskandal efter skandal kan vi ett steg i taget ta EU mot ett friskare, mer demokratiskt styre.

    Kommentar av Per "wertigon" Ekström — 10 januari 2013 @ 17:10

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