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29 juni 2012

Chat about the book ‘The Case for Copyright Reform’

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Download your free copy of the book

Earlier this evening Rick Falkvinge and I were in a live chat about our recent book The Case for Copyright Reform.

The chat was organised by Techdirt.

It has closed now, but you can read the archived chat

I enjoyed it a lot, and the questions were very good and on a high level.


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  1. That’s an absolut read. Thanks for taking the valued time to write it, instead of spending that much needed time to shining a light on the murky money-train the non-elected commission funnels to the lobbyists, as payment, to lobby for the laws and regulation the non-elected commission want’s the elected politicians to vote yes on. To think that, in the cases of all things copyright, the commission didn’t care one wit before certain groups’s lobbyists actually got them to care for it, and now the commission cares so much that they’re ever so generous with the money they get from taxes from all the joes and janes in EU. If it had concerned the opposition it would’ve been a hoot to all the Jolly Rogers of EU, but alas, now you’re the ones helping to pay the salaries of your own opposition.

    But I’m certain your book will, at least, read an equally interesting absurdity, that it is time so well spent I can come to understand how important it must have been to have taken the time to write it.

    Still, though, if you’re going to use essentially the same money-train system to pay for you’re very own lobbyist-entourage, wouldn’t it be prudent by the pirate party ideology and generate more value if it was used to utterly demolish the copyright industry’s hired goons from their easy gold instead of writing a book? Point being, and I might be wrong, but, if your opposition already sits beside the executive power on the same side and in allegiance are pushing you around for you to give the executive power the mandate your opposition, but their partners in crimes, craves, wouldn’t it be easier to first force the executive body to cut its ties with the opposition to adhere to a democratic neutral position, lest the commission and it’s integrity face the wrath of the public opinion for its frivolous fast and loose spending of EU’s hard earned taxes during these trying times.

    End-of-pulling-your-leg-rant :p

    Kommentar av Tuss i Lago — 30 juni 2012 @ 1:42

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