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19 april 2012

ACTA vote in JURI April 26

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The ACTA dossier has started moving through the European Parliament. The date for the deciding vote in plenary has not yet been set. It is expected that it will probably be in June or July, but that could change in either direction as events unfold.

Before the vote in plenary, the will be votes in the committees. The lead committee is INTA (International Trade), but before INTA delivers its report, there will be opinions from JURI, DEVE, ITRE, and LIBE.

It appears that most of the committees haven’t decided on a time table yet.

However, the Legal Affairs Committee JURI has. JURI will vote on ACTA next week:

April 25 – consideration of draft opinion
April 26 – adoption of draft opinion

Link to JURI’s agenda:

The rapporteur in JURI is Marielle Gallo (EPP), and she has published the draft opinion in French. I have not seen any translation yet.

In the draft opinion, Gallo invites the INTA Committee to propose to the Parliament to approve the Commission proposal. Yes to ACTA, in other words.

The JURI opinion cannot be amended, so it will only be a straight yes-or-no vote in JURI.

Here are two pieces of analysis of Gallo’s draft, from FFII and EDRi:

I will of course vote no to the draft opinion, but at the moment the outcome in JURI is too close to call.

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  1. Ah, lovely! I am already imagining the result. Here is some complementary reading on the subject: . I wonder how meny Euro MPs they managed to buy already and how much do they cost.

    Kommentar av Jarda — 19 april 2012 @ 10:21

  2. Good luck! Item six in the report is very astonishing. It’s obviously not a good idea to consider the ACTA-agreement without seeing its transposition into EU-law. Only then can we see how EU law is affected. And not all EU-legislation comes under review of the court. The data retention directive is clearly not in line with the treaties, but there is no way to get the court to review the directive now.

    Kommentar av Johan Tjäder — 25 april 2012 @ 20:12

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