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25 januari 2012

Polish Minister Telling Lies to Get ACTA Signed

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Polish minister Michal Boni is telling lies to get the ACTA agreement signed

Poland will sign ACTA despite massive protests, Global Voices Online reports, citing Polish Minister of Administration and Digitisation Michal Boni.

Unfortunately, it appears that the Polish minister does not shy away from telling his citizens blatant lies, in order to get the controversial ACTA agreement signed.

According to Global Voices, Mr. Boni said in a radio interview in Polish that it was ”impossible not to sign the agreement, because it was too late: Poland joined the negotiation process in 2008 and all the other European countries have already signed it”.

If Mr. Boni did in fact say this (I don’t speak Polish, so I cannot verify independently), it is an outright lie. Not a single one of the 27 EU Member States has signed the agreement yet. Poland is the first country scheduled to do so, tomorrow on January 26.

The European Council of Ministers has taken a decision that it wants the EU to sign the agreement, but that is a completely different thing. ACTA is a so called ”mixed agreement”, that has to be signed by both the EU and each of the member states. On the national level, no member state has taken the formal decision to sign the agreement yet.

Global Voices further reports that Mr. Boni said that Poland ”should attach a clause to the treaty that would show how we interpret these articles”. If it is true that he said this, it is also a direct lie.

There is no way of attaching any further clauses to the ACTA agreement. The negotiations have been concluded, and the only thing left for the EU and the individual member states to do now is to say either ”yes” or ”no”. Being a minister in the Polish government, Mr. Boni would of course know this.

It is apparent that the game of telling EU citizens whatever lies may be necessary to get the ACTA agreement signed has begun. Poland is only the first of 27 EU member states. Do not get surprised if the story repeats itself in your own country in the coming months.

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  1. But in the last country it will not be a lie any more! 😉
    Then all others already have signed it.

    Kommentar av John Johanson — 25 januari 2012 @ 17:16

  2. As a Polish native speaker I can fully asure you that the English translation given above is indeed precise… It gets better than that, he also claims, that ACTA doesn’t change anything (which is another lie and beggs another question, why do we need to sign it then?!)

    Kommentar av Wojtek — 25 januari 2012 @ 17:20

  3. I haven’t been able to listen to the recording, but according to the article he’s saying that it’s too late, yes. So yeah, he’s lying…

    Kommentar av Jan Lindgren — 25 januari 2012 @ 17:21

  4. Hello, I am head of Serbian pirate party, here is my view of this trends today:

    Currently we are working on a real and fully legal jailing of the ”intellectual property” collective societies of Serbia. There are three organizations active in Serbia. We have documents, video recordings, public initiatives and most importantly: PIRATES!

    Hope will write good news soon! 😀

    Kommentar av blaeks — 25 januari 2012 @ 18:20

  5. ”Poland ”should attach a clause to the treaty that would show how we interpret these articles”.”

    This could refer to the national law based on ACTA or a some sort of national signature statement on the agreement itself.

    Kommentar av anon — 25 januari 2012 @ 18:34

  6. He did say it and he did say even more, Prime Minister and he – both fail and LIE. There is more lies for world to hear if you want 🙂

    Kommentar av Łukasz — 25 januari 2012 @ 18:35

  7. One more proof that politicians today mostly are nothing more than prostitutes at the service of corporations. Thanks Christian for being different.

    Kommentar av Jarda — 25 januari 2012 @ 18:37

  8. And there goes European Commission: Q&A on #ACTA (Anti-counterfeiting Trade Agreement which affects the EU) and #SOPA (which does not affect the EU):

    Kommentar av Only Me — 25 januari 2012 @ 18:40

  9. Yeah EU Commission is very funny indeed. Maybe i want to support poor Africa? Why do you care what i buy? Aren’t you comptetive enough? Can’t you fight with that already? Why lie ? Why secret ?

    Kommentar av Łukasz — 25 januari 2012 @ 18:47

  10. @Only Me:
    I followed your link, to the left on the page there is a question ”Did you find what you were looking for?”, I answered ”No” and filled in ”The truth”…

    Kommentar av Pontus — 25 januari 2012 @ 18:58

  11. @Pontus
    Great idea! I did the same.

    Kommentar av malin christersson — 25 januari 2012 @ 19:29

  12. Absoute right,he lied about that. I’m from Poland.

    Kommentar av Anonym — 25 januari 2012 @ 19:31

  13. Christian,

    It seems Ireland will sign tomorrow too 😦

    Best regards

    Jean-François George
    Member of National Directorate of the Spanish Pirate Party

    Kommentar av fgeorge — 25 januari 2012 @ 19:33

  14. Reblogged this on open source thinking.

    Kommentar av blaeks — 25 januari 2012 @ 19:39

  15. This idea of attaching a clause to the treaty is something I can’t get my head around. Knowing that ACTA being an international agreement will stay on the top of internal polish law, does it really matter how a country interprets it? This doesn’t make any sense on the global level, imagine trying to execute anything based on this agreement if all of the countries would use different interpretations of it. So it seems like yet another blatant lie, we hear many of them every day in Poland these days…

    Thanks for your support and please, spread the news about the things happening in Poland as wide as possible. Before Anonymous started a blockage of the domain, mainstream media were not covering ACTA despite it being an important topic on many websites for quite a long time. Now I see little to no interest in international news, despite a number of successful blockages and attacks on the government websites and countrywide protests. Please, don’t let it remain unnoticed. We will not give up.

    Kommentar av Piotr — 25 januari 2012 @ 21:31

  16. NOOOOOO TO ACTA IN EUROPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kommentar av Anonym — 25 januari 2012 @ 22:08

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  18. I can’t believe they actually lied to us so shamelessly.

    Kommentar av namna — 25 januari 2012 @ 22:37

  19. Help us We need help because polish politicians break our rights.

    Kommentar av stop cenzurze — 25 januari 2012 @ 22:52

  20. Thank you for your response. Many Polish citizens today in Cracow quoted your article while on protest. We feel threaten about our countries democracy when our politicians try to lie to us about ACTA.

    Kommentar av Natalia Balska — 25 januari 2012 @ 23:14

  21. Dear Mr Engströem.

    I as a citizen of Poland am really alarmed by recent Polish government’s moves. I already cautioned Polish Central Anticorruption Bureau (Centralne Biuro Antykorupcyjne about possibility of Polish politicians being bribed. I’m very content reading your opinion. Polish media under unwritten influence of government don’t want to say anything unsuitable.

    Poland is said to be 51st American State. It’s sad that only government agrees with all American ideas not citizens. Government goes blind instantly after elections. They don’t want to hear hundreds of thousands voices of people saying no to ACTA on social websites. Isn’t the DEMOCRACY about listening to the people?

    I hope Europe will not be pushed around by USA and its big corporations.

    Fighting digital piracy is very noble and necessary, but there are much better ways than by harming freedom. I’ll show you if you would be interested.

    Thank you for indicating truly important problem.

    Alan Hynek

    Kommentar av Alan Hynek — 25 januari 2012 @ 23:33

  22. Hi, Im polish and I can assure you that Boni’s words were translayted correctly. His laying and he is famous for it (he is a former comunist intel. informant)

    Kommentar av urbi et orbi — 26 januari 2012 @ 0:27

  23. He was also a secret police agent back in the communist days. He acted like one of the opposition movement leaders in the times of Solidarity and than it turned out that he had been denouncing his opposition friends to the political police.

    Kommentar av Anonym — 26 januari 2012 @ 6:48

  24. @23: So what is he doing in the politic? Already he looks like someone to whom I’d not even ask the time for lack of trustworthiness, it’s even known he was a collaborant and now he’s a minister???

    Kommentar av Jarda — 26 januari 2012 @ 8:14

  25. Im polish citizen. My name is Artur. Im blogger and last 1 week Im writing bout ACTA Agreement. Id like to ask u to confirm that all uve written on ur blogg bout Polish minister and bout decision what was taken by EU is truth. Its very important for me cos Id like to write bout that on my blogg. I think Polish citizens need know truth.

    By the way I invited u to my blogg Unfortunetaly its in polish but if u’ll use google translator u can know what Im wring bout

    Kind regards an good day

    Kommentar av Artur Domagala — 26 januari 2012 @ 11:00

  26. Comrade Boni! Lies!Lies!Lies!Lies!Lies!Lies!Lies!Lies!


    Kommentar av tuks fuks — 26 januari 2012 @ 11:43

  27. for polish speakers : Petycja o odwołanie Rządu Donalda Tuska

    Kommentar av sssfffhhh — 26 januari 2012 @ 11:51

  28. […] Wyglada na to – ze klamstwa tej ekipy siegaja zenitu a efekty slychac az do nas. Teraz pewnie wyjdzie rzecznik i powie, ze nie bylo demonstracji a do Tuska pod dom przyszli tylko sami spacerowicze. Policji tez pewnie nie bylo, bo przeciez tysiace mundurowych odeszlo z pracy – to skad sie moglo wziac ZOMO pod domem Tuska, nie? Kategorie: Bez kategorii. Tagi: Bylo, Jest, Pod, Polish Minister, Sami, Teraz, Tuska. Autor: admin. Dodaj zakładkę do bezpośredniego odnośnika. […]

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  29. In all honesty, Boni is one of the few polish politicians whos actually trying to explain anything, so it’s a tad unfair to make him a scapegoat in this. For me the most terrible thing is the way this ”law” was proposed, backdoor on 40-th whatever page of some scrubby document dealing with something completely different. How am I, as a polish european federalist, supposed to promote this idea amongst my countrymen if we get such examples of corrupt bureaucracy and incompetent politicians from Brussels all the time? That is, in my opinion, the biggest challenge here. But back to the point, it’s not quite Boni’s fault, it’s Brussels.

    With regards

    Kommentar av Victor — 26 januari 2012 @ 12:57

  30. a friend of mine, a polish lawyer, sais that acta is not aimed on inetrnauts, freedom of speach, but at Russia, China and India which are the main counterfeiters and IP infringers in the world. that europe can benefit from this by getting out of the financial crisis… I told him to shut up….

    Kommentar av Tygrzyk — 26 januari 2012 @ 13:08

  31. Thank you Mr. Engström for telling the truth.

    Kommentar av g — 26 januari 2012 @ 13:08

  32. Thank you. From Poland.

    Kommentar av Anon — 26 januari 2012 @ 15:43

  33. Victor, it doesnt matter, if Boni is 1 of the best polish minister. I he says what he says. Can u imagine what cud be in Sweden or Norway if 1 of minister wud tell lies? Poles shud know truth! Boni is adult and shud think twice before he says anything.

    Kommentar av Artur Domagala — 26 januari 2012 @ 15:47

  34. It’s shocking news to us.
    But it’s always better to have eyes opened.
    Thank you from Poland.

    Kommentar av Maria — 26 januari 2012 @ 16:05

  35. The danger of this document is that anyone can be accussed of anything based on a suspicion only. Think what a powerful political tool it is!! You write something against the government on your blog? Some ”private” company may accuse you of using an image on your blog that you thought was free soon after. Plus, they have a right to check all your private details. Plus, according to the new law they can use interlocutory measures as a prevention! Plus, you have no right to give any explanations (sic!) If it isn’t a beginning of a police state, I do not know what a police state is.
    Ponder this, in post-communist countries there are many members of the previous system’s governing body and their ”friends” who managed to build big new companies in the new political system surprisingly fast and effectively. Now put the facts together.

    Kommentar av Marv — 26 januari 2012 @ 16:11

  36. if You would like to now how is protest ‘NO FOR ACTA’ looked like in Poland (Katowice) – enjoy:

    Kommentar av daria — 26 januari 2012 @ 16:58

  37. Let’s hope it will never come into life!!!

    Kommentar av Polish translator — 26 januari 2012 @ 17:30

  38. Massive protest were much bigger than it was showed in mainstream media!
    Journalist came 2 hours before real protest and therefore thay could say that there were few hundreds of people.
    S.O.S. from Poland!

    Kommentar av Anna — 26 januari 2012 @ 17:39

  39. Poland-Szczecin:
    I was there. According to main stream media it was around 3 000 people.

    Kommentar av Anna — 26 januari 2012 @ 17:51

  40. @Artur Domagala: Ok, Boni’s talking rubbish, I get your point. Not the first and not the last politician to do it quite frankly 🙂 Point is, it’s an own goal for EU as such, showing detachment not only of politicians from the people who elect them (that at least we have some basic means of changing, if you don’t believe in that, then there’s no point in democracy); but worse – it shows the detachment of unelectable bureaucratic mass from the politicians themselves, who weren’t even given time to soften the blow in their own countries, prepare societies for those changes and maybe being forced to stop (as happened in the US). It’s almost as if the bureaucracy is testing how far they can go, how much they can push without feeling the consequences. This is dangerous and has to stop now.

    Kommentar av Victor — 26 januari 2012 @ 18:41

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  42. Thank you for your response Christian. Many people in Poland quoted your article today.It’s so sad our government lies all the time on ACTA

    Kommentar av Krzys Jarzab — 26 januari 2012 @ 19:22

  43. Your translation is correct. Actual Polish government seems to be quite skilled in telling lies just about anything. They keep on telling that everything is perfect but in fact it’s far from being perfect. Unfortunately those, who protest today helped them to win. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Kommentar av Piotr from Warsaw — 26 januari 2012 @ 19:34

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  48. Poland is fed up with Tusk, the PM and his minister Boni. They both are liars and yellow-bellies. It is time for a change

    Kommentar av Agnieszka — 26 januari 2012 @ 23:17

  49. How can we believe in the words spoken by collaborator of the KGB. And this is the minister of Boni. His only mandate to rule in Poland is the German support.

    Kommentar av Obywatel — 27 januari 2012 @ 8:02

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  53. Hello all, I’m a Pole. Christian, thank you for pointing out Boni’s lies and spreading the news. All of you Europeans, don’t let this shameful treaty be signed. Protest loudly, let them hear our voice. Government is for people, people are not for government. They forgot to treat us with respect. Let’s remind them.
    We’re taking it to the streets in Poland, today, tomorrow and days to follow. Stay with us, don’t give up!

    Kommentar av Natalia — 27 januari 2012 @ 11:54

  54. @52, Natalia: Perhaps you didn’t notice, but the role of today’s citizen, in USA and in post-communist countries more than anywhere else, is to choose in elections the politicians, which will best serve the interests of corporations.

    Kommentar av Jarda — 27 januari 2012 @ 12:22

  55. No wonder. Mr Boni is ex. ”Security Service” agent. (Security Service was a kind of politicall police during Soviet Supremacy in Poland)
    It is very sad, that such thing we know from Swedish politican, not from polish newspapers. Many thanks Mr Engström

    Kommentar av Mordiner Maderdin — 27 januari 2012 @ 13:09

  56. […] ministr digitalizace, Michal Boni, včera nepokrytě lhal, když tvrdil, že Polsko „nemělo jinou možnost“ než dohodu podepsat, a že Polsko připojí […]

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  57. @ Pontus; Great initiative. Did the same, and in addition suggested they improve the page by adding a version of whack-a-mole featuring Barosso as the mole.

    Kommentar av SBJ — 29 januari 2012 @ 21:01

  58. […] Och så har vi nu också ACTA som regeringen undertecknat i det fördolda. Nu behöver vi inte oroa oss längre . Henrik Alexandersson  skriver: Om nätoperatörerna tvingas bli nätpoliser, då kan det bli fråga om att stänga av användare, att blockera siter, att censurera websidor och till och med att stoppa länkar till film, musik, tv-inslag, webfilmer, tidningsartiklar och icke önskvärd information så fort nöjes- och medieindustrin knäpper med fingrarna. Detta utan rättslig prövning – och därmed också utan någon formell möjlighet att överklaga. (HAX) […]

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  59. Hi all,
    I came from Poland and when i read what polish politics do – i get mad. Like ppl in poland can see – polish government do many things on USA word :). We still belive that USA it’s our best friend so we need to do what they say :D. I hope our politics start to think themself with some wisdome for their citizens.Now we just realize USA politics and we are the first lier in a row which will lie to make people think it’s true, so after 3 or so notifications lie become truth LOL .

    Kommentar av 4_3doom — 1 februari 2012 @ 17:56

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