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23 augusti 2011

Mainstream Press Saying The Patent System Is Broken

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Read more about the broken patent system at Techdirt

Techdirt writes about the patent system:

We’ve been noticing that the mainstream press has really been speaking up about the broken patent system lately. It was mostly kicked off by the excellent This American Life story about just how broken our patent system is, and that seems to have thrown open the floodgates. So, suddenly an issue that was generally discussed mainly by entrepreneurs and geeks was suddenly showing up all over the place. Last week we noticed stories in both the NY Times and the Economist calling out the dreadful problems of the patent system.

The Pirate Party has been very critical of the patent system all along. It feels good that more and more voices are saying the same.

Read more at Techdirt


Others on the subject: Rick Falkvinge

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4 kommentarer

  1. I am just reading an article by Richard Stallman about ”unitary patent” system, a new way the patent lobbyists would like to force software patents down everybody’s throat in EU. Beware, the battle is not over.

    Read for yourself:

    The article links to other articles which are interesting and worth reading.

    Kommentar av Jarda — 23 augusti 2011 @ 19:14

  2. Thanks for posting that link Jarda.

    Kommentar av Tor M — 23 augusti 2011 @ 19:46

  3. […] Tip to TechDirt / Mike Masnick. Others: Christian Engström, member of European Parliament. It appears that the world of oldmedia has woken up like one to […]

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  4. Har Trollet dött?..

    Kommentar av Jan — 27 augusti 2011 @ 1:34

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