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21 april 2011

Names of the 40+ MEPs supporting review of the copyright term extension

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Yesterday I tabled a request for a renewed referral of the copyright term extension dossier, together with 40 fellow Members of the European Parliament. The purpose is to give the European Parliament a chance to reconsider its decision from April 2009 to extend the copyright term for musical recordings from 50 to 70 years.

The MEPs who signed the request were:

Christian ENGSTRÖM (Greens, SE)
Christofer FJELLNER (Christian Democrats, SE)
Françoise CASTEX (Social Democrats, FR)
Marietje SCHAAKE (Liberals, NL)
Eva-Britt SVENSSON (Left, SE)
Carl SCHLYTER (Greens, SE)
Claude TURMES (Greens, LU)
Olle SCHMIDT (Liberals, SE)
Marie-Christine VERGIAT (Left, FR)
Keith TAYLOR (Greens, UK)
Lena EK (Liberals, SE)
Marit PAULSEN (Liberals, SE)
Lidia Joanna GERINGER de OEDENBERG (Social Democrats, PL)
Heide RÜHLE (Greens, DE)
Bas EICKHOUT (Greens, NL)
Pascal CANFIN (Greens, FR)
Michail TREMOPOULOS (Greens, GR)
Judith SARGENTINI (Greens, NL)
Marije CORNELISSEN (Greens, NL)
Jean-Paul BESSET (Greens, FR)
Malika BENARAB-ATTOU (Greens, FR)
Heidi HAUTALA (Greens, FI)
Jan Philipp ALBRECHT (Greens, DE)
Åsa WESTLUND (Social Democrats, SE)
Isabelle DURANT (Greens, BE)
Zuzana ROITHOVÁ (Christian Democrats, CZ)
Ulrike LUNACEK (Greens, AT)
Karima DELLI (Greens, FR)
Michèle RIVASI (Greens, FR)
José BOVÉ (Greens, FR)
Barbara LOCHBIHLER (Greens, DE)
Gerald HÄFNER (Greens, DE)
Raül ROMEVA i RUEDA (Greens, ES)
Gunnar HÖKMARK (Christian Democrats, SE)
Indrek TARAND (Greens, EE)
Anna IBRISAGIC (Christian Democrats, SE)
Ivo VAJGL (Liberals, SI)
Sylvie GUILLAUME (Social Democrats, FR)
Margrete AUKEN (Greens, DK)

In addition, there were other MEPs who contacted us and told us they wanted to sign, but whom we failed to meet up with for practical reasons before we had the 40 signatures necessary, and tabled the request. These included:

Rebecca HARMS (Greens, DE)
Anna Maria CORAZZA BILDT (Christian Democrats, SE)
Christel SCHALDEMOSE (Social Democrats, DK)

There are of course a number of other MEPs who would have wanted to sign as well, so please feel free to contact them and ask. You can find a summary of the arguments against the term extension here.


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10 kommentarer

  1. […] Update: Names of the MEPs who signed […]

    Pingback av 40+ MEPs request review of copyright extension « Christian Engström, Pirate MEP — 21 april 2011 @ 11:01

  2. Nice! Keep up the great work there!

    I’m a bit dissapointed no portuguese MEPs signed on…

    Kommentar av Nelson Cruz — 22 april 2011 @ 5:33

  3. Super work!

    Please feed this to the newspapers, slashdot and all pirate partys around the globe.

    Kommentar av Jerker Montelius — 22 april 2011 @ 9:02

  4. One Finn only!
    So fucking embarrassing!

    Kommentar av anonymous — 22 april 2011 @ 17:49

  5. Thanks for a great job! Hopefully it works all the way…

    Kommentar av Riverman — 22 april 2011 @ 21:48

  6. nothing changes, not a single Spanish EPP or S&D MEP.
    Once again, another confirmation of Wikileaks’ documents suggesting where these MEPs get their orders from.
    And the Parliament is supposed to be there representing the interest of citizens? That does not apply to Spain,that’s for sure.
    Just a shame 😦


    Kommentar av David — 23 april 2011 @ 9:03

  7. David… please consider that, while it may be true that perhaps not one of those Spanish MEP might have signed when asked individually and given the time to make a decision about it… the list was presented AS SOON as 41 MEPS signed. Maybe 80 others would have signed if the list had circulated one more day, we’ll never know. One can imagine that those who got the chance to sign first were the MEPS of the own group (Greens) and those that have an previous bias towards signing showing through their frequent contacts with the promotors of the initiative.

    It does not disqualify those that were not easy enough to approach to be given the first chance to be among the signataries so that they did not get an easy chance to be among the 41 first ones.

    Even if 50% of Parliament would have shown interest in signing… the document would have been presented as soon as the first 41 had signed. This does not automatically disqualify those that did not make it into the list.

    Kommentar av NingúnOtro — 24 april 2011 @ 17:12

  8. Christian Engström med tanke på hur PP har behandlat hax så ber jag dig att gå ur Pp och gå med Liberaldemokraterna istället och behålla din plats i EU.

    Kommentar av Anonym — 24 april 2011 @ 20:02

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  10. […] years. I got only one answer, from Green MEP Claude Turmes. As it turned out he kept his promise to signed the request, unfortunately his support was not enough and copyright extension passed the EU Council on […]

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