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13 oktober 2010

The Economist: What’s working in music

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Between 1999 and 2009 concert-ticket sales in America tripled in value. Read more in The Economist

The Economist has an in-depth article this week about how the music industry is changing. For the past ten years sales of recorded music have declined steeply, and the rise in digital music-sales is scant compensation. But the article continues:

Yet the music business is surprisingly healthy, and becoming more so. Will Page of PRS for Music, which collects royalties on behalf of writers and publishers, has added up the entire British music business. He reckons it turned over £3.9 billion ($6.1 billion) in 2009, 5% more than in 2008. It was the second consecutive year of growth. Much of the money bypassed the record companies. But even they managed to pull in £1.1 billion last year, up 2% from 2008.

A surprising number of things are making money for artists and music firms, and others show great promise. The music business is not dying. But it is changing profoundly.

The longest, loudest boom is in live music. Between 1999 and 2009 concert-ticket sales in America tripled in value, from $1.5 billion to $4.6 billion (see chart 1).


Rising income from live performance, merchandising, sponsorship, publishing, online streaming and emerging markets has come to counterbalance losses from declining CD sales. As a result, some musicians are singing a different tune. Last year a new group, the Featured Artists Coalition, objected to government plans to punish file-sharers by suspending their broadband connections. Its leaders, including established artists such as Billy Bragg and Annie Lennox, argue that file-sharing is a useful form of promotion. But not everybody agrees.

Read more in The Economist.

Also read the article by Torrentfreak on the recent study of the Norwegian music market, which comes to similar conclusions: Artists make more money in the file sharing age than before it.


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18 kommentarer

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  2. Christian: Aktivera det nya stödet för twitter-länkar i WordPress!

    Kommentar av Micke vK — 13 oktober 2010 @ 15:04

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  4. This is what R Wallis reported from the first #Spectrial. Anyone remember Danowsky’s classic retort? ‘Well we have our own experts AND THEY KNOW BETTER!’ Anyway: propitious this comes out now. As if it will make a difference but anyway. Current contracts squeeze artists for half their gig revenues. Cute. So as if they weren’t themselves aware of this. The record companies aren’t dead but they sure smell bad. Cheers.

    Kommentar av Rick — 14 oktober 2010 @ 18:28

  5. Aha so the fact that established artists make money on tours justify copyright crime?
    Great Christian, keep up the good rhetoric and we won´t have to see you in the EU parliament after next election.

    Kommentar av Sten — 17 oktober 2010 @ 11:03

  6. @Sten

    Ah, guilt by association. Congratulations on your fully fledged straw man argument and ad hominem, Sten.

    What it means is that since there is no measurable negative impact on Artists in an age of filesharing and the sharing of copyrighted material for non-commercial uses is completely impossible to prevent, file-sharing for non-commercial purposes should be legalized. Which is an entirely different argument altogether than the one you drew up.

    Do any of you copyright trolls even have the brains to formulate a coherent thought more advanced than the one-liners you could expect from a 10 year old?

    Kommentar av Scary Devil Monastery — 19 oktober 2010 @ 11:32

  7. Great SDM

    Guilt by association? who am I associating your dear leader with?

    Association out of the blue is what you and your dear leader is doing by somehow associating one line of income with another line of income, although they are not the same.
    I am sure car thiefs spend more money on cars and hence create healthier car sales numbers . but that doesn´t make anything correct or right, I am sure bank robbers spend more money than your average Joe, hence increasing the GDP, but that doesn´t make things right.

    And none of your arguments where present in Christians text above so – up yours … and your PP infantile lingo…

    Kommentar av Sten — 20 oktober 2010 @ 5:35

  8. Apparently you are indeed unable to cobble together a coherent thought.

    Christian was stating a fact. Our policy is to legalize file-sharing for noncommercial use. Something which isn’t theft any more than jaywalking is attempted murder.

    And you apparently are associating a statement of fact for a call to commit burglary. None of which was present in Christian’s text either. Your comparisons to car theft and bank robbery are just two more straw man arguments which have absolutely nothing to do with reality or the article Christian writes about.

    So…two more straw man arguments, a bunch of insults..? I fail to see where your input is in any way relevant other than the same way a monkey flinging feces is making the world know he’s in a bad mood.

    Seek help, Sten.

    Kommentar av Scary Devil Monastery — 20 oktober 2010 @ 9:08

  9. Last time i looked it up, copyright infringement was a crime just like theft is a crime, just like burglary is a crime – they are not the same, but they are all criminal.
    And I do strongly believe your recommendation regarding help is indeed needed for both you and your dear leader in a multitude of capacities, particularly regarding your voters since less than 1% of them found your dear party worth while the other week.
    I am looking forward to see your dear leader far away from the EU parliament after the next European election, the lingo of PP is embarrassing for each and everyone that ever happen to hear the slightest bit of it and the manic mantra of ”troll”, reminding everyone that you are all like trained monkeys repeating the instructions from your leaders webpages, will do nothing to improve that impression.

    Kommentar av Sten — 20 oktober 2010 @ 12:31

  10. Actually, you sound more like a bona fide lunatic than a troll. Yes, copyright infringement is a crime. So, in practice, is jaywalking according to swedish law.

    Of jaywalking and burglary, only one is given even a nod of respect by the average citizen. The other is flagrantly ignored. So – again – you have absolutely nothing to offer other than verbal abuse and straw man arguments. And not even decent such, at that. Tossing feces, as it were. I suggest, earnestly, that you at least make a token attempt at reasoning above that of a spoiled five-year old in a sandbox.

    Now, even given the ridiculous attempt at placing copyright infringement – copying a set of ones and zeroes – with burglary, it is not a crime, nor a solicitation to commit crime to suggest that a law should be changed and provide facts backing that standpoint up.
    That’s where your little analysis of Christian’s presentation falls apart into nothing but irrelevant, erronous and poorly worded rhethoric.

    So – if we shouldn’t call raging idiots who turn up to spam the forums asunder with repetitive falsities as ”trolls”, then what should we call you? Immature children? Fanatics?

    The saddest part of it is that the entire issue of copyright has been haunted by similar ”debates” since the days of the cassette recorder – and our side keeps winning by default. Could it be that you are simply desperate since there really is no way for your side to win this except by dismantling the internet and civil rights as a side effect?

    Now, I have better things to do with my time than spend more of it on someone who can’t put up a single argument for his cause except witless ranting and demonization.

    Oh, and by the way…following ”leaders”? That’s a good one. 🙂

    Kommentar av Scary Devil Monastery — 20 oktober 2010 @ 14:42

  11. Oh, it is more or an intellectual crime of rhetoric (or brain-fart if you so like) to point at one source of income as evidence that there is nothing wrong with the situation of another diminishing source of income – due to criminal acts.
    But then again it is these kind of arguments in combination with writers as your self that is efficiently killing your own party, apart from the ludicrously funny videoposts that your top rooster keeps on publishing at youtube – filmed in his living room in a manner that would make Benny Hill envious, bless his soul.

    Do you enjoy listening and looking at 1s and 0s? or is the actual created combination of them producing a unique result that is interesting? otherwise I could please you by posting loads of 11111 and 0000 in a variety of combinations – all for your enjoyment, although that would really seem as a witless occupation, but then again you seem to enjoy such activities.

    Kommentar av Sten — 20 oktober 2010 @ 15:19

  12. I’ll take your word for what Falkvinge looks like on video. I only ever watch him talk when he’s on the news and otherwise i settle for reading summaries. I’m with the pirate party simply because the modern interpretation of copyright law has created a situation where it is unavoidable that either large proportions of the citizenry are judged criminals for something completely natural – or we end up abolishing every civic right concerning communication and personal integrity in a desperate attempt to stem that tide.

    Which is basically where we are at. Today the active population of illegal filesharers in sweden are 15% of the total population. That number has been completely impossible to reduce with threats, legal incitement, draconian surveillance law, gross reductions in jurisprudence and due process…and so on. In order to even budge the number down, you must adapt measures which simply aren’t reasonable by any standard.

    And even if the number goes down to 1% it still won’t satisfy the industry backing the insane measures being considered. As long as a hundred people in every country have access to copyrighted material released in other countries, simple dispersion ensures that the ”loss of income” reported by the industry will still be big enough for them to happily go on spending billions in lobbying, given how they calculate their ”losses”.

    Either copyright gets radically rewritten for the better – or our fundamental civic rights are rewritten for the worse. There is no other alternative or option even remotely feasible in the long run.

    Oh, and as for the party, you seem to be labouring under the misapprehension that politically active filesharers are all in the pirate party. We’re not.

    It shouldn’t really need saying but – Peter sunde from TPB is the only politically active TPB-member, and he’s with the Greens. Most other ”pirates” i know are staunch Moderates, with the odd Social democrat thrown in for good measure.
    ”Pirates” are roughly 1.5 million Swedes. They just don’t prioritize their filesharing habits over social security, taxes, or health care, and it’s not uncommon at all for many of them to be in both the pirate party and their respective ”main parties”.

    Let’s assume PP ceases to exist tomorrow. We will then be back in 2006 before there was an organized political party. And, like before, it wouldn’t change a thing other than that there would no longer be a political option on the table at all for either side.
    Which would be disaster for your side – but wouldn’t even impact mine. Anymore than we ”stopped” working for the same cause we’ve worked for since the invention of the video cassette. And as i mentioned previously, we’ve won every one of the previous battles by default. As we will this one. Eventually.

    As for 0’s and 1’s…honestly, what i look for are patterns, and the ones i see are the ones pointing to one inescapable conclusion. You can’t stop filesharing. Not even China has succeeded in even denting their own population of such – which they would dearly love to given that a number of them are filesharing information which the Chinese government does not want distributed.

    If you can’t stop filesharing, and non-commercial filesharing of copyrighted material cannot exist along modern interpretation of copyright – then copyright, inescapably, has to go.

    As for the industry which lives on modern copyright, they may be as doomed as the blacksmith’s union…or to continue that parallell they can reschool into metallurgists or engineers.

    And I believe you don’t have the slightest idea of what activities I enjoy. But I’ll let you in on one activity i’m none too fond of. I don’t particularly appreciate lingering all that long after work just in order to correct the confused rambling of some sadly deluded copyright activist with a grudge. See you on the flip side. 🙂

    Kommentar av Scary Devil Monastery — 20 oktober 2010 @ 16:25

  13. and yet you linger and write long texts some more, sigh.
    My belief is that you are wrong in every conclusion you make and in every statement you state.
    Just like PP was so very very, very, very wrong believing the 15%, supposedly sympathetic to you cause, would vote for you. They might file share illegally, but that doesn´t necessarily mean that they think it should be legal, PPs catastrophic numbers in the election seem to indicate that they don´t agree with you.
    So I strongly suggest you are wrong on all accounts, including the one of me being a copyright activist, I just can´t stand seeing pointless politicians, like Christian, lifting hefty salaries when their rhetoric, logic and conclusions seems to be that of a thoroughly stoned proboscis monkey
    in the Amsterdam zoo.

    Kommentar av Sten — 21 oktober 2010 @ 9:45

  14. Then you may take your beliefs to whatever conclusion they lead you to, by all means.

    As for my conclusions, they are backed by about 50 years of history which has – again and again – led to the exact same result each time. Unlike you, I’m backed by empirical fact.

    Your suggestion can be as strong as you like which doesn’t alter the fact that all you do is raising your voice in order to drown out fact and history.

    And if you aren’t a copyright activist, then what? Shall we take your statement on politicians to mean that you despise the lot of them? If so, you may have a point in many cases. As for Christian, however, he was sent to the parliament by 7% of the voters and those voters are, so far, very impressed with the way he has represented our views.

    Why not go after Lövin instead in that case, who was similarly given a mandate but who went against that mandate at the first opportunity? Or the commissionaires who are lifting similar salaries and spend their time drumming up support for spending billions on harmful and ineffective internet filtering and mass surveillance of the citizenry?

    Really, the first and foremost reason to attack a politician is when that politician has gone against the mandate granted by the electorate. This is something Christian is not guilty of in any way, shape or form.

    Kommentar av Scary Devil Monastery — 22 oktober 2010 @ 12:26

  15. Your dear leader is guilty of stupid rethorics in the worst kind of way and if the 7% are so impressed by your dear leader and PP in the EU, how come they choose to vote for something different the other month?
    Could it be due to the fact that the voters are everything but impressed by your dear leader and hence felt they better vote for someone who isn´t prone to empty minded comparisons between two different streams of revenue derived from different products ?

    Kommentar av Sten — 22 oktober 2010 @ 14:54

  16. Or it could be like many who voted in the EU-elections said, that they see a clear need for PP in the EU, but at home they are far more concerned with not allowing S/M/SD to grab power.

    I must say, for someone who claims not to be a copyright activist and just after useless politicians you seem awfully hung up on PP in particular. If we’re talking about stupid rhethoric, our ”dear leader” is half a lightyear behind such worthies as the minister of justice in Sweden, for instance, or several prominent functionaries within the established parties who’ve managed even worse blunders.

    Why not go after the minister of agriculture who decided to put in half an hour’s debate on what should be considered beastiality according to law in public parliament?

    No, i think somehow you seem to have an axe to grind where PP is concerned in particular.

    As for the ”streams of revenue”…well, one of those streams you describe is relevant for the artist. The other one is not and never has been in practice. The second one is artificial life support for an obsolete and outdated distribution industry with the same market niche as the old blacksmith’s union.

    There is no comparison. Just the factual statement that artists do better in the filesharing age. The distributors may not do that well. And frankly, i don’t care much for a business which refuses to adapt to a changing market and demands subsidies in law which impacts every citizen just in order to survive.

    Kommentar av Scary Devil Monastery — 24 oktober 2010 @ 22:01

  17. Well the PP politicians are outstanding when it comes to defining words such as useless, pointless, worthless, most other politicians have at least a glimpse of rhetoric that works. Your dear leaders hopeless display of Roger Wallis in the EU was one of the worst embarrassments to Sweden as a nation to ever have been displayed.

    And then you yourself comes with a statement like ”artists do better in the filesharing age”.
    Well my dear the artists would have been doing even better if the ”fuldelare” paid for their usage of the artists recorded material since the reason the artist do better is that they more frequently now perform live, which to this date the ”fuldelare” hasn´t figure out how to abuse yet.

    Kommentar av Sten — 25 oktober 2010 @ 3:38

  18. And your point is…?

    Filesharing has existed since the advent of the spoken word in human history. It will continue unabated for as long as the idea of free comnmunication exists. Your opinion of this is duly noted, but will not change a damn thing.

    Filesharing is a fact which cannot be legislated away and should be dealt with as such – and thus Artists can either adapt to a model which works – such as live performances or commissions – or go with a model which is as outdated and irrelevant today as it has always been. And unless you can persuade every last person in the world to follow a set of arbitrary rules you will not be able to alter that empirical paradigm.

    You might as well be making the claim that communism, being in theory eminently ”fair” should be implemented in practise and you would be just as far off established reality as calling for an end to filesharing. Neither you, nor I, nor the established pirate party or the legislature has any chance whatsoever in changing the way people live. Which for 1.5 million Swedes and several hundred million other people across the world means that file sharing is an accepted part of ordinary life.

    Much like ancient blacksmithing or ice delivery companies, the current media business model is dysfunctional to the point where it can no longer sustain itself in any form of free society.

    However, to point out PP rhethoric as one of the worst embarrassments to Sweden…you think a half hour discourse by the minister of agriculture on the exact specifications of bestiality, the call for abolishing chemistry as a school subject, or the suggested abolishment of the ”innocent until proven guilty” praxis in common law (by the minister of justice, no less) counts as ”Rhethoric that works?”.
    Not to mention the suggestions said ”worthies” have made in the EU.

    You are very rich on condemnation as far as PP goes, but so far I have yet to see you quote a single example other than your ”strongly expressed” opinion backed by a slew of ad hominems on where our ”Leaders” embarrass themselves anywhere near the embarrassment suffered by, for instance, when our political establishment decided to blame most of Kurdistan over the death of our prime minister or when we decided to accept extradition of swedish citizens to foreign powers without even going through due process.

    In fact, all i see is you countering every fact presented with nothing more factual than a slew of attempted character assassinations. Are you really that afraid of facts?

    Kommentar av Scary Devil Monastery — 25 oktober 2010 @ 10:30

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