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6 oktober 2010

ACTA text released

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The text of the ACTA agreement can now be downloaded from, who are commenting here.

Michael Geist also has some initial comments.


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3 kommentarer

  1. First of all, the internet chapter should be removed entirely from the text.

    However, reading Geist’s comments it seems that even if it is ratified by the EU countries there will there is enough leeway in the internet chapter to allow a watered-down version to be implemented. It will be up to us activists to lobby the crap out of our politicians to implement as little of it as possible.

    I’ve downloaded the text and will try to read through it.

    Kommentar av Douglas — 6 oktober 2010 @ 15:47

  2. Maybe you can help explain more detail again. benefit from the text

    Kommentar av Artikel Internet — 7 oktober 2010 @ 0:28

  3. […] som de ursprungliga skrivningarna. Acta-bloggen har mer och Christian Engström skriver (1, 2, 3, […]

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