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17 juli 2010

”Smokescreens on ACTA”

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The ACTA agreement may introduce net censorship through the back door

There are many concerns with the leaked draft ACTA agreement, including the fear that the agreement will erode the safe harbor protections that Internet Service Providers enjoy. This would force the ISPs to start monitoring and censoring their clients just to protect themselves from liability. This introduces censorship through the back door, even though censorship and monitoring are not explicitly mentioned in the ACTA agreement.

David Hammerstein of the Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue TACD has written a thorough account of the state of play at the ACTA negotiations. He writes:

[EU Trade Commissioner] De Gucht insists time and again that ACTA will make no “new demands” on Internet Service Providers.

Nevertheless, what he surely hides is how the Commission is now liberally interpreting the E-Commerce Directive that speaks of ”cooperation of ISPs” in its code of conduct as a benchmark for preserving “safe harbour” from liability. The threat of ACTA pushing dangerous self-regulation that invades privacy and sharing looms.

Read the article Smokescreens on ACTA


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  1. […] full post on Christian Engström, Pirate MEP This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged ACTA”, ”Smokescreens. Bookmark the […]

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  2. ACTA is clearly a combined political-corporate assault on human rights and freedom. An attempt to throttle, regulate and censor internet so corporations can prop up their obsolete business models.

    Newspapers, book printers, corporate music companies KNOW that the internet will render them obsolete in 20-30 years time. They want to prevent this from happening and want to regulate internet instead. This is the epitomy of fascism. Politicians in favor of ACTA should not just be regarded as fascists, but should be dealt with in a Nüremberg style tribunal hopefully with similar results (convictions for violations of human rights).

    Kommentar av Marcel — 31 juli 2010 @ 13:54

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