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5 juli 2010

Vote on Gallo Report postponed until autumn

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The Gallo Report on file sharing and intellectual property has been postponed until after the summer

The European Parliament just decided to postpone the vote on the controversial Gallo Report on intellectual property rights enforcement until the autumn.

This was a good decision. All the political groups are divided on the issue, and there is an intelligent political discussion going on in the Parliament. In this situation, it is a sensible cause of action to postpone the vote.

The report will probably come back on the agenda in September, but that is for the Conference of Presidents [of the political groups] to decide.

The decision to postpone was taken by a quite narrow majority: 140 votes against 135. But it was still a good one.


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4 kommentarer

  1. Leve det!

    Kommentar av Mab — 5 juli 2010 @ 20:29

  2. effin great!

    Kommentar av manen — 5 juli 2010 @ 20:29

  3. You know that sweden votes parlament on 19th September 2010. If the vote on gallo report would not be delayed and filesharer are criminalized the swedish PIRATES will skyrocket.
    Even if you have in mind:
    ”Sweden’s political Piratpartiet (Pirate Party) and the operators of The Pirate Bay have always stressed their independence from each other, but they are now lashed tightly together—and could soon be much tighter. If Piratpartiet has its way, The Pirate Bay won’t be using secret servers anymore. The servers will be quite public and located… inside the Swedish Parliament.”

    Kommentar av Idee — 8 juli 2010 @ 10:21

  4. How many requests of alike ”pirate bay server” will the swedish PIRATES get?
    Are there some bits and bytes left for hosting some whistle blower stuff?
    Is there a chance for someone to speek freely via interenet?
    – soldiers
    before they do suicide, they can talk without feeling repressed from comrads, commanders
    – journalists,37809.html
    Reporters Without Borders unveils first-ever “Anti-Censorship Shelter”

    Kommentar av Idee — 9 juli 2010 @ 0:06

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