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16 juni 2010

Massive campaign for Written Declaration 29 continues

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Assistant to MEP Motti handing out WD29 flyers

The massive campaign to get Members of the European Parliament to sign Written Declaration 29 has continued this week in Strasbourg. There are posters everywhere in the Parliament building, roll-ups at strategic places, and assistants handing out flyers outside the plenary.

Written Declaration 29 calls for the extension of the Data Retention Directive 2006/24/EC to cover search engines as well. All your searches with Google and other search engines would be saved, for future reference by the police and/or others.

But the declaration is drafted in such a way that this is not at all obvious unless you read it very carefully, and look up the directive number to see what it is all about. The marketing material just talks about stopping child pornography and sexual harassment on the Internet, without going into any details.

In addition to the posters and flyers and roll-ups, all MEPs also got a letter from the author of the written declaration today. It was delivered both as a mail and physically on paper to the office of each of the 736 MEPs.

In the letter, the author of the declaration MEP Tiziano Motti for the first time mentions the Data Retention Directive by name, and not just by its number. But he claims that the call to extend the Data Retention Directive to search engines is just ”for the sake of avoiding technicalities”.

You can read the letter here.

Why is the campaign for this declaration so well organized and massive, compared to ordinary campaigns for written declarations here in the European Parliament?

I’m afraid I don’t have any answer to that question.

But I still urge all MEPs not to sign this declaration, or to withdraw their signatures if they have been misled into signing.

The Data Retention Directive is bad enough as it is, and quite possibly unconstitutional in several Member States. Extending it even further is not a good idea.

You can help by contacting MEPs from your country and warning them about the real contents of this declaration.


Also about WD29 (in Swedish): Henrik Alexandersson,

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36 kommentarer

  1. Do you know the current count on the list?

    OT: Did you ever get the reply?:

    Kommentar av ConnyT — 16 juni 2010 @ 14:54

  2. a) 300, according to

    b) No, not yet, but I’m still waiting.

    Kommentar av Christian Engström — 16 juni 2010 @ 15:08

  3. Christian,
    Who is the sponsor behind the campaign? Who paid for it? Should be as simple as asking them, but might be a bit trickier.
    Unless all christian democrats have gone mental, someone must be putting extra money in for this.

    After a quick google on MEP Tiziano Motti, I found that on his CV he has (translated badly from Italian)
    ” Founder and editor of daily newspapers and weekly paper, free press and computer systems (2004 series specialized in the protection of consumer rights and prevention and health protection) (1990-2009). Founder of a group of companies operating in Italy in the field of communication: An edition of newspapers and magazines, television, Internet (1990-2009).
    President and founder of the ”Europe of rights” to defend the rights of citizens (since 2004). Member of Union of center nation, as an elected representative to the European Parliament (since 2009). Member of the Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) and substitute member of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE).”

    One would think he has some interest, but not to advocate this blindly without realising what he is asking.

    Kommentar av Opolitiskt korrekt — 16 juni 2010 @ 15:54

  4. Borde utlysas en kul tävling med pris till den som lyckas avslöja vilka som ligger bakom den välfinansierade kampanjen.

    Kanske går det även att generera lite ”spinn” kring ett sådant jippo som leder till uppmärksamhet kring myglet.

    Kommentar av FåtöljStrategen — 16 juni 2010 @ 16:37

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  6. no wonder EU kost a lot of money for us taxpayer, with all that papers to deliver to every MEP for every campaign. Thats prove how mutch EU cares about the enviroment just too make shure every one gets the info.

    Kommentar av pros — 16 juni 2010 @ 18:11

  7. People have a tendency to say it is conspiracy theories but SOMEONE must be interested enough to pay money and effort into this and I dont think it is only for the sake of child pornography. So why is some people so interested in collecting (and controlling) everything that happens on the internet.

    Kommentar av Slasher — 16 juni 2010 @ 21:31

  8. […] Massive campaign for Written Declaration 29 continues […]

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  9. Someone wiser than me once said that ”one never should attribute to evil that which could equally be attributed to stupidity”. That sums up my view of conspiracies within the EU: I don’t believe that there is an evil master plan to erode our civil rights, I have a firm belief, though, in the ignorance of most MEP:s in these matters.

    Kommentar av Gustav Wetter — 17 juni 2010 @ 10:10

  10. If this goes through I will write a firefox plugin that searches google and other search engines in the background for random combination of words. If enough people do this we will get a nice background noise carpet making it very hard filtering out any useful information.. ofcourse words like child and bomb will be weighted in more often.

    Kommentar av gk — 17 juni 2010 @ 10:45

  11. @ Gustav Wetter

    Even if the politicians themselves don’t have a master plan to erode our civil rights, it doesn’t mean that the lobby groups don’t.

    Kommentar av adde — 17 juni 2010 @ 11:48

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  14. gk #10: Finns redan, TrackMeNot men säkerhetsgurun Bruce Schneier är rätt skeptisk

    Kommentar av Björn Odlund — 17 juni 2010 @ 17:59

  15. […] vill veta vem som betalade för den massiva kampanj som nu gjort att vi ska få våra sökord registrerade — då tillräckligt med underskrifter […]

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  18. Perhaps somebody should hand out flyers ”DO NOT SIGN THAT TODAY AND WHY NOT”?

    Kommentar av en människa — 17 juni 2010 @ 23:19

  19. It now becomes very clear why the swedish MEP Alf Svensson as the ONLY swedish member of the parliament refused to take back his signature on the Motti & Záborská declaration…

    Tiziano Motti and Anna Záborská are both members of the ”Group of the European People’s Party”.
    That is the group of ”Christian Democrats”…

    The swedish MEP Alf Svensson is the former chairman of the swedish party ”Christian Democrats” represented in the swedish parliament. He thus prefer their view before his own voters…

    How these defenders of private integrity and family values have come to end up on the side of oppressors and state control seems unexplanable.

    Maybe the dark ages in form of Inquisition and the Jesuits are slowly coming back? Is this the beginning of a backswing of the technological development?

    Alf Svensson is thus betraying the swedish tradition of openness and personal integrity. Shame on him!

    There is no ”tu tal” (no doubt) about that.

    Kommentar av Hans J — 18 juni 2010 @ 1:57

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  22. Maybe the music and film indusry are the sponsors of the massive campaign…

    Kommentar av Michael — 18 juni 2010 @ 14:47

  23. I suppose that since torrent indices have search engines, the purpose is pretty clear.

    Kommentar av Tommy — 18 juni 2010 @ 19:17

  24. […] något att engagera EU-institutionerna i om man vill att de hålla sig borta från sånt som smile29, internetblockering eller ISP-ansvar. Om man läser alldeles för mycket av det jag skriver kanske […]

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  25. […] gränsen. Tiziano Motti, en privatlivets fiender, ler gott i sin oförmåga att överblicka konsekvenserna av sitt alster Written Declaration ”Smile” […]

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  27. The petition has been adopted:

    Where can one see who exactly supported the petition? As I’d like to write them in order to ”thank” them.

    Kommentar av Joe — 20 juni 2010 @ 12:00

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  31. […] extremt mycket av sedan 9-11. Nu har barnporr och pedofili börjat användas som argument också, Smile 29 var ett extremexempel på det. Hax beskriver det som parallella […]

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  32. It took an Italian MEP to launch an initiative such as this. Let him go and make a pizza and keep the Mafia in his own country at bay.

    Kommentar av Mario — 4 oktober 2011 @ 10:37

  33. Tiziano Motti is taking a consistent line: he has promoted and is currently promoting various initiatives to protect minors and the most vulnerable members of society in general. The official European Parliament resolution against paedophilia and child pornography is his personal initiative and for this alone he deserves our support. Do you realise, however, that by using privacy or technical problems as an excuse we are protecting those who commit horrendous crimes?

    Kommentar av Ben — 4 oktober 2011 @ 10:40

  34. @ Ben

    ”The official European Parliament resolution against paedophilia and child pornography(…)”

    Now I haven’t read this resolution, but i’m pretty sure that the European parliament hasn’t gone out on a full-blown witchhunt against paedophilians, similiar to witch hunts against homosexuals earlier in history…

    ”Do you realise, however, that by using privacy or technical problems as an excuse we are protecting those who commit horrendous crimes?”

    Human rights exists for a very good reason. Crime-fighting needs to be balanced against people’s rights and freedoms. No crime is horrible enough to attack human rights.

    Kommentar av Mark — 4 oktober 2011 @ 12:30

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