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26 januari 2010

Spanish presidency declares war on reality

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Spanish secretary of state speaking

The Spanish presidency of the EU has just started, and will last until the end of June.

Yesterday I was at a dinner in the European Parliament and listened Francisco Ros Peran, who is the Spanish secretary of state for telecommunications and information society. Unfortunately he neither has a blog, a home page nor a Wikipedia entry, but at least somebody has put a photo of him here.

I found it pretty depressing to listen to Mr. Ros Peran when he outlined the visions of the Spanish presidency. First a lot of pretty words about the importance of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) as enabling factors for European business. I agree, but I sort of knew that already.

When it came to concrete action plans, Mr. Ros Peran stressed protection of intellectual property. ”We need new legislation to get young people to respect intellectual property. They think that everthing on the net is free,” he said, and gleamed with pride when he talked about the new laws that Spain will be introducing.

Technically, he is of course right when he says that Ipred is not working when it comes to reducing p2p file sharing. It isn’t. So in the age old tradition of politicians everywhere, if something isn’t working, do more of it. No real news there.

But he also said something that at least I had not heard before. Mr. Ros Peran and the Spanish EU presidency want to give the Internet ”the ability to forget”. What does that mean?

Not even China or Iran are able to make the net forget things they don’t like, even though they try. The Soviet Union was equally unsuccessful in altering history after the fact, and in those days there was not even an Internet. It may be true that nobody expects the Spanish inquisition, but I doubt that even they would have the means to achieve that goal.

When I asked the Spanish secretary of state if he had some concrete details about this he didn’t, which at least is some comfort. Let us hope that it was just an indication of how little the Spanish government understands about the net, and that nothing will come out of it.

But I still find it very disturbing that the current EU presidency is even thinking along those lines.

According to Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights we have the right ”to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers”.

That right must apply on the net as well.


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72 kommentarer

  1. Det verkar vara en fransk idé från början:
    BBC: France ponders right-to-forget law
    Anais: Den digitala glömskan I (nov 2009)

    Är det förresten inte litet konstigt att dessa politiker kämpar hårt för att först förbjuda anonymitet på internet och sedan försöker ge skenet av att stå upp för människors integritet (fast det är å andra sidan kanske framför allt politikers integritet som de värnar om).

    Kommentar av Tor M — 26 januari 2010 @ 14:50

  2. The right to forget? Wasn’t this Winstons job in 1984, making history forget?

    Kommentar av Henrik Holst — 26 januari 2010 @ 15:01

  3. ”We need new legislation to get young people to respect intellectual property. They think that everthing on the net is free,” he said, and gleamed with pride

    Respect isn’t earned by pointing guns, making laws or threatening people. It might force people to behave the way you want them to but don’t be surprised if you’re stabbed further down the road.

    Kommentar av Worldspawn — 26 januari 2010 @ 16:19

  4. 80 + 64 + 4 = 0…

    Jag tänker börja med en mycket ovanlig begäran. Jag tänker nämligen be om att få bli länkad! Inte för min egen skull utan för att någon slags rättvisa skall komma huvudpersonen i detta inlägg till del. Givetvis kan (och bör om energi fin……

    Trackback av Thomas Tvivlaren - Med tvivlet som insats — 26 januari 2010 @ 16:47

  5. ”Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.”

    Kommentar av Channeling Philip K Dick — 26 januari 2010 @ 16:48

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  9. Its kinda sad and very disturbing whats going on here on Spain about intellectual property. Our goverment is trying to go over everyone and everything and along piss on our Constitution (which seems to be sacred for other things and cannot be touch at all) just to satisfy the intellectual property lobby´s (with the infamous SGAE on the front).

    Its not suprise to me that they want to share this blindness (i cant call this a vision) with the rest of Europe.

    Like many other things, our politicians do not understand Internet nor the new technologies at all. Its like trying to explain the magnitude of the universe to a 4 year old child. They think it can be controlled and, what is worse, they thing it has to be controlled.

    I hope Europe fight against it, like we are fighting to to stop them here.


    Kommentar av Walter — 27 januari 2010 @ 4:36

  10. Another puppet of the SGAE now trying to impose their fascist and controlling ideas on the rest of Europe. Lets hope that seeing as they only have a few months to do it they weill fail epically

    Kommentar av Avalon — 27 januari 2010 @ 8:02

  11. Here in Spain, a lot of people think just like you. Thank you.

    Kommentar av Santzez — 27 januari 2010 @ 8:08

  12. Did he speak in English? Usually our politicians can’t speak English, so that would be the only good point of that guy.

    Kommentar av Jonás — 27 januari 2010 @ 8:26

  13. Kommentar av JM — 27 januari 2010 @ 8:27

  14. It sad to say, but here in Spain our political class, regardless party, is internet illiterate.

    Kommentar av Paco — 27 januari 2010 @ 8:31

  15. Good morning and thank you for your blog.

    I just want to say that I am in IT, I’m 35 years old and live in Barcelona Spain (since almost ever).

    That said I woul like to resoectfully say that I think that your article is irresponsible. You have stressed out a sentence that was not clarified, suggested that our politician doesn’t know anything about internet and even managed to put in some references to Orwell’s ‘1984’or the old soviet regime.

    I am myself not very happy with some spanish issues such as housing prices, some corruption, and life standards, but I can assure you that what you suggest about Spain is just not true. I think it is you who clearly doesn’t know what you are talking about.

    By the way, I haven’t got blog or a webpage either, but I do know how to build and mantain one.

    Have a nice day.

    Kommentar av AK — 27 januari 2010 @ 9:19

  16. ”We need new legislation to get young people to respect intellectual property”

    It’s quite obvious in this sentence that ”we” is not the same that ”young people”. Who needs this legislation? The IP lobby and its politicians. Do we, the people, need this legislation? Maybe, but in that case, we need a legislation that protects us, not one that treats us like criminals.

    Fortunately, many people in Spain are opening their eyes. A lot of people, young people, is now suing the Spanish State about its current IP legislation:

    Kommentar av strider — 27 januari 2010 @ 9:35

  17. I’m ashamed of being Spanish and I’ll move before this country becomes a fascist regime again. Thank you for exposing those pigs once more.

    Kommentar av Anonym — 27 januari 2010 @ 9:44

  18. #15: I’m spanish too and I agree with the ”our politician doesn’t know anything about internet” sentence. We have one of the worst internet connection service/price ratios in UE, our laws for data protection (LOPD) are ambiguous, crappy and hard to apply, a lot of official websites have obsolete digital certificates, most of them are badly designed in terms of usability and accessibility, we can’t take advantage of the ITs to skip doing queuing and paperwork, the justice administration still does most of the work with paper, we don’t have access of public information in open data formats to make them accessible… should I follow?

    The spanish government is worried about the digital piracy but internet is way more important than that and we’re not taking advantage of it. Caring about the music and cinema spanish industries which are already partially protected by public funds is silly, both industries are engaged to their obsolete distribution and business models. But that’s their fault and definitely it’s not the most important problem that we have on the table.

    Kommentar av Raul Murciano — 27 januari 2010 @ 9:47

  19. Hi!

    Being Spanish it is a shame to have this guy representing us and the rest of the EU. As you very well stated, their only policy is more of the same ineffective and unpopular policies. Contrary to Santzez (and his problems with using the spelling check function), I firmly believe that the fact that Ros does not even have blog, is a clear sign of how little he knows about the net and the revolution behind it. It seems that lobby money from the SGAE has a stronger weight than public opinion. But it is no surprise since most of our politicians know a lot more on how to open oysters than on how to open an email account. Great news is that, no matter how much they try to stop it, the new framework will win =)

    Kommentar av Fitobenitez — 27 januari 2010 @ 9:54

  20. You have more information about Francisco Ros here (in Spanish)

    Kommentar av marc0s — 27 januari 2010 @ 9:55

  21. Nicer picture & CV:

    It’s better to refer to the Secretary as Mr Ros or as Mr Ros Peran.

    Kommentar av shimizee — 27 januari 2010 @ 10:00

  22. What a shame!. I do NOT feel like he’s representing me. Nobody wants him. What else can we do? I didn’t vote for him.

    Kommentar av Rafiki — 27 januari 2010 @ 10:11

  23. 9.
    Its kinda sad and very disturbing whats going on here on Spain. Period.

    Kommentar av Uno — 27 januari 2010 @ 10:29

  24. Thank you for your post. I think it clarifies how the spanish socialist government thinks about Internet and how it wants to change the laws and the society in order to help its friends. A spanish lobby, based on actors and singers, helped the socialist party in order to win the last elections. Now the goverment has to help them supporting the SGAE (Sociedad General de Autores y Editores) and changing the laws in a very strange way.

    This guy is in charge of the secretary of state for telecommunications and information society (something like the viceminister) and he is not very internet-illustrated. However he was a senior officer at Telefonica. By the way, his surname is not Peran, but Ros Peran. Please, remember that we have two surnames in Spain (the first from the father and the second from the mother).

    Kommentar av Jose — 27 januari 2010 @ 10:35

  25. This is the kind of mentality that we are suffering here in Spain. Now the rest of Europe will have to suffer it too for six months.

    Good luck, and let it be any remain of Europe to be passed on to the next presidency!

    Kommentar av José Manuel Goig — 27 januari 2010 @ 10:35

  26. I’m spanish. The spanish government sucks.It’s embarrassing

    Kommentar av Pau — 27 januari 2010 @ 10:39

  27. mmm… mr. Ros Peran is well-known on spain because her irrational hate to all computer subjects, and her links with the big cultural market lobbies. one of her biggest failures was the asignation of the computer engineers competences to her own career, telecommunications; i’m not sure if mr Ros Peran is simply a ignorant or is a dangerous person only interested on make money.

    one question… can we convince you to change your nacionality? :-DDDD we need some realistic politicians on spain 😀

    Thanks for your post. It’s reassuring that on other countries, the odd vision of Mr. Ros Peran also seems the result of a ”bad drugs trip”

    Kommentar av enderwiggins — 27 januari 2010 @ 10:46

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  29. As many have said, do not think that this guy’s opinion is the opinion of the whole country. Major political parties are supported by & afraid of the media industry, so they try to have them happy. Citizen’s opinion is wrong & must be changed via expensive advertising campaigns.
    Just for an example, during the last elections a lot of singers, actors, etc. made a campaign to support Mr. (¿Mr.?) Ros Peran party. Here you are your favour back

    Kommentar av Juan — 27 januari 2010 @ 11:00

  30. @shimizee,

    Thanks, fixed the name in the blog post.

    Kommentar av Christian Engström — 27 januari 2010 @ 11:18

  31. Our politicians are rednecks with lawyer careers the best, without university studies the worse. Both socialists and conservatives, political parties are full of incompetent people and work as anti-democratical electoral machines where the only way to triumph is making blowjobs and always say ”yes, bwana” to the leaders. The only change that could improve the black future we have is an electoral law change, that won’t happen because they won’t let it happen. We will be ruled by rednecks next two generations.

    Kommentar av braulioman — 27 januari 2010 @ 11:24

  32. Thank you for speak about what is going on in Spain. We know but we need the rest of Europe know about what they are trying to.

    Kommentar av Doctor Alban — 27 januari 2010 @ 11:35

  33. Thank you for your article.
    I live in Spain and you can believe me: this government is a wolf under the skin of a sheep.
    They tell us that everything they do is focused on freedom and growing rights. And they lie.

    As me, a lot of spaniards with a higher level of education (at least the people who, more or less, can read and write a little bit of english) are willing to leave Spain and go to another better european country.
    Our politians are a lot of people without education: they can’t speak in English, German or French. They usually don’t have a university degree, or if they have, they were bad students. They are people who live off politics since they are in the high-school: they grow up working for the party until the party gives them a place in local, regional or national gov.
    They talk about internet but they don’t know what is p2p. They support artists like musicians because in the elections musicians support politicians waiting for future favours. Our Minister of Culture is a film-scripter-director, daughter of a film-scripter-director, sister of a film-scripter-director. And the money-funds for cinema depends on her, so… She is the person who want a closed internet, contents controlled by the SGAE on internet, more ”canon”, more money by every hard-disk, printer or pen drive sold, because every citizen is suspected of commiting ”piracy”.
    The SGAE, the society that controls the cannon, is charging these tax to hairdressing salons by listening to the radio, to old people in residences by watching TV, to people who sing in weddings, to students that organize free film proyections…

    Spain is not able to teach anything to Europe…

    Kommentar av juan — 27 januari 2010 @ 11:55

  34. I live in Spain. Here there are two politics party, and both of them are into manage the internet just for their convenience: PSOE and PP, both holding the Government since 1982 (last 27 years). The only solution is to raise a third party, which is for the defense of the rights both in the streets and in the internet, and is called UPyD (Union, Progress and Democracy). It is our only chance to get support to UPyD for them to kick off both PSOE and PP from Spain Government.

    By the way, most Spanish citizens are ashamed for our politics and governments, I we can only beg your perdon for this situation. We are very, very sorry, please do forget us. Thanks.

    Kommentar av Montoya — 27 januari 2010 @ 11:57

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  36. I come from Spain. Christian, please, help us to stop this nightmare. The politicians are now very scared of Internet, they can not control it, and they are lost because the population is reading different news sources than the ”official”. The biggest newspaper are loosing a lot of readers every day, and they are calling for action to the politicians. The system is trying to defend itself, not the citizens.

    So, the idea is to allow to the administration the power of ban any website, without possibility of a legal battle. Justice in Spain doesnt work at all, and they know it.

    Please, help telling us the truth, explaining us the real background of the regulation, and we will spread the information all around the country.

    Kommentar av javier loureiro — 27 januari 2010 @ 12:09

  37. ”that nobody expects the Spanish inquisition”

    You/we should expect it very soon…

    Regards and sorry from Spain, the country with the politicians who think we are all guilty unless you prove not to be.

    Kommentar av Jose — 27 januari 2010 @ 12:34

  38. This is simply ridiculous. As Spanish Internet Entrepreneur I’m seriously thinking about moving to US. Spanish gov really sucks. They dunno a shit about Internet and Technology. And the worst thing is that they’re cutting the wings of innovation in Spain and here come’s the BIG JOKE: NOW THEY WANT TO DO THE SAME in all EUROPE…

    Kommentar av Jose — 27 januari 2010 @ 12:54

  39. UPyD is the same shit than PP and PSOE. Their only discurse is the anti-nationalism hate, that works far away from Catalonia and Basque Country. If they want to change Catalonia and Basque Country politics, it’d be better if they get at least one representant there. Using the hate against those comunities to take votes in Madrid and the rest of spain is cheap populism. Until they get a representant there, they should shut up about those comunities. Period.

    Kommentar av braulioman — 27 januari 2010 @ 13:01

  40. I’m not sure how aware all you Spanish people are of your own PirateParty. I’ll post the link here and perhaps they can get some new members and momentum. Remember. . The PirateParty in Sweden started really small back in 2006, but nothing is impossible! Germany is already on the move big time. It’s time for us Swedes to see some newsarticles about ”The great rise of the Spanish PirateParty” 🙂

    Kommentar av E-mannen — 27 januari 2010 @ 13:06

  41. (and of course I forgot the link in my original post)

    Kommentar av E-mannen — 27 januari 2010 @ 13:07

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  43. #40 A lot of people is aware of PirateParty but we have a law (Law of parity) which requires having a balance in the number (45%) of men and women in the Party.

    While no increase in membership of women the PirateParty can’t gain enough representation and most people don’t vote because they belive it is a wasted vote

    Sorry for my poor english.

    Kommentar av Jose — 27 januari 2010 @ 13:57

  44. The problem in Spain is that practically no one in a position of power has absolutely any idea of new technologies, especially IT. And that a problem common to all political parties and almost all businesses. So they take decisions based on a null knowledge of the field. It’s profoundly depressing when you’re working in the field and the only way the guys in charge use Internet is through their secretary: ”Niñaaaaa, a ver si me busca esto por el Gogle éste”…

    Kommentar av El Guerrero del Interfaz — 27 januari 2010 @ 15:04

  45. Francisco Ros was not elected, he was hand picked and afterwards confirmed in his seat directly by the new Minister of indutry: He is no less than a trojan horse that the telecom industry has inserted in the Spanish ministry. He used to be a Telefonica executive, Telefonica is the old state-owned telephone company (like BT, in the UK), which, after being privatised has been commiting abusive practices thanks to its dominant position and political connections, thus has allowed the company to avoid fair competitors opening the telecom market in Spain and, as a result we suffer some of the worst and most expensive internet connectivity in the developed world.

    Spanish politicians from the two biggest parties (0’% of the representatives) are not only computer illiterate, but are also afraid of internet since they hate the freedom of speech and information it provides to the otherwise uninformed and manipulated citizenship.

    With the excuse of ”protecting intellectual property” and fighting ”piracy” they are preparing a law that will de-facto allow closing down any web site without the protection of a due judicial process, despite the fact that the spanish consitution states that a publication can be taken down only by a court order (after 40 years of dictatorship and state censorship) that non-for-profit P2P was illegal, non-for-profit copy is **legal** in our country since we all pay a tax ”called ‘canon'” on every cassete tape, CD-R/RW, MP3, HardDisk, Copy-Printer, etc… to the spanish RIAA theoretically ”o compensate the musicians” (althoutgh the ones who rule in the SGAE are the record comanpanies and editorials) for what they claim is a cease-of-benefit ”lucro cesante” of any private copy ”copia privada” wich is ok as far as there is no sell of other financial profits from that copy ”sin ánimo de lucro”, in the case of websites which publish P2P links (such as The Pirate Bay), until now, all the courts have denied the claims of the SGAE (spanish RIAA)that they were ”illegal”, so now they want to do without the courts.

    This new law as well has no doubt connections with the secret ACTA treaties sponsored by the U.S. and the recent visit to the U.S. vicepresident Joe Biden (a RIAA/MPAA champion) to the spanish government president Mr.Zapatero.

    The new law they are preparing says any website can be taken down just with a notification from an ad-hoc created commission of the Minisitry of Culture, this commision will be comprised mainly of lobbyists from the SGAE (the spanish RIAA) and from the entertainment industry, the law would introduce a quick ”authorization” within 4 days by a judge, who won’t examine the case nor examine if the take-down is justified, thus, the commission makes sure freedom o speech in the internet won’t have any legal protection, the special court authorisation (not a court sentence) will be just a paperwork chore that will allow the commission to have an alibi to censor any web they want…

    Every spanish citizen is ashamed of our politicians, most of us already know they they don’t actually represent us, and they work for big business and in the benefit of financial interests, and we are very sorry they go abroad and speak and take decissions in our name in this shameful way…

    I paste a google translation so everyone knows who this Francisco Ros is:

    ”Francisco (Paco) Perán Ros. Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Information Society since 2004. During the approval of the LISI, he defended the censorship, prevented the internet being considered universal service, etc. (Source: Association de Internautas -the bigges Internet Users assoc. in the conuntry-). He is ”independent” (not affiliated to a party) and therefore has no direct link with the PSOE. Miguel Sebastián, Minister of Industry, has rarely validated (or disqualified) the views of Francisco Ros, therefore, probably, Francisco Ros is the head of the Ministry of Industry in this field. And a person with many vested interests (clearly a man of ”Telefonica” within the ministry): From 1988 to 1996 he worked at the forefront of various business divisions in the Telefónica Group. He was Director General of Telefonica Internacional and later CEO of the parent company and member of its Steering Committee, as head of the International Communications division from 1994 to 1996. Between 1997 and 1999, he was President of Unisource International Development. He was then co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Alúa – Broadband Optical Access, and in 2003 he joined Qualcomm as CEO, responsible for operations of the Company in Spain and Portugal.”

    Kommentar av SubSonica — 27 januari 2010 @ 15:09

  46. Spanish politicians from the two biggest parties (0′% of the representatives) is a TYPO, i meant 90% of the representatives are from one of the 2 major spanish parties: PSOE (social democrats) or PP(liberal democrats). Both of them have passed draconian laws ”LSSI” and ”LISI” in an effort to wiretap communications and control/censor the internet during their respective terms at the spanish goverment.

    Kommentar av SubSonica — 27 januari 2010 @ 15:16

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  48. “Spanish presidency declares war on reality”

    Well, they (this Government, with the infamous Zapatero ahead) have been the last six years declaring war on reality, here in Spain. They are the kind of people that think that reality can be changed with laws. They are also agains individual freedom, too, in the name of nobody knows who Wonderful World they are trying to impose on us. Now you have to suffer him (ZP) in Europe. I’m sorry for you! 😉

    And don’t get surprised because they don’t know the concrete details about how to do this or that thing: it’s very typical of this government, too. You’ll get used to it, don’t worry. 😉

    Just a final remark: please, do not judge Spanish society by this government (the worst one in our democracy, by far): most of us are ashamed of them!

    Kommentar av César Acebal — 27 januari 2010 @ 15:57

  49. The mainly insane reign in Spain?

    Kommentar av Sancho Panza — 27 januari 2010 @ 18:24

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  51. […] väl. Saker stannar kvar på ett helt annat sätt, det har till och med dagens okunniga politikerfattat. Alltså måste detta kontrolleras, strypas i sin linda, förstatligas. Det bästa vore om man […]

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  52. Ability to forget?
    You cannot understand it because you don’t know two things:
    1.- Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero is not very intelligent (oh, yes, i could be much more severe with him) but as it is usual in these cases he thinks he is smart (jajaja).
    2.- He and all his staff are cinics.

    So ZP and his goberment really think they can manipulate people with beautifull words.

    Do you understand it now?

    Kommentar av Qert — 27 januari 2010 @ 22:25

  53. I am spanish, and I am ashamed of our politicians. A friend told me once that the worst students and worst professionals in spain end up in politics, and I am afraid it’s true.. 😦
    Well, at least I hope people in Europe realize that we are not all the same, and there are good professionals and smart people here too.

    Kommentar av Marcos Martinez — 27 januari 2010 @ 22:33

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  55. When I read this article I felt happy, because knowing that in the rest of Europe people isn’t like here in Spain makes possible my scape to another country when the priorities aren`t the football and the life of famous people while almost the whole country don’t take care of the young universitary community. I hope I could go as soon as possible to a country that appraise the importance of ICT. I agree with Christian.


    Kommentar av Anonym — 28 januari 2010 @ 2:07

  56. Where did this medieval character come from? I have some friends in Spain who have been very worried of late. Now I begin to see why. How long does Mr Sarkozy or whatever his name is sit on the throne of power? When will it be your turn to take the presidency, please? 😉

    Kommentar av Rick — 28 januari 2010 @ 10:02

  57. The problem is not that they do not understand Internet, but they understand it pretty well.

    Internet makes hard rewritting history and controling information. And here in Spain all the game is about it, using p2p as an excuse for controlling what people can read.

    Kommentar av spaniard — 28 januari 2010 @ 10:13

  58. Let me say one more thing here. I really resent some whisker peep trying to imbue the Internet with his vision, his ideas. The ability to forget? How can they think they have the right to do anything with the Internet? The Internet is free and must remain so. I think they’re all very afraid of the Internet. We have to keep them if not afraid then respectful. The Internet is the people. And for Mr Peran the message is clear: ‘keep your grubby hands off our Internet!’


    Kommentar av Rick — 28 januari 2010 @ 10:28

  59. @spaniard:

    See your point. That’s not a remote scenario at all. They have everything to win if they can legislate away freedom of speech. But as Christian would point out, that’s exactly what it’s all about.

    Kommentar av Rick — 28 januari 2010 @ 10:29

  60. Christian,

    we could make a deal: you get that Europe gets in charge of spanish politicians (99% of them) so they will never again set his foots on this country and you get my home for a holiday whenever you need.

    Kommentar av Juan — 28 januari 2010 @ 20:45

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  63. Han är så bakvänd. Lagarna bestäms i slutändan av befolkninghen och lagstiftarna ska har detta som grund för sitt arbete. Lagarna ska därmed anpassas efter vad som fungerar bäst och det huvudsakliga målet med en lag ska INTE vara att normalisera eller påverka opinionen då detta är dålig social ingenjörskonst. Lagarna ska främst lösa problem och ha som sekundär verkan att dem verkar avskräckande.

    Det som då borde formuleras är hur IP-lagstiftningen ska se ut snarare än att utgå från att den är effektiv och att det bara finns en enda väg att gå: mer repressiv lagstiftning. Det är ju ganska tydligt att åtgärder för att stärka IP har varit ineffektiva och oförmögna att LÖSA problemen. Dem börjar formuleras i riktning mot att garantera innehavaren inkomst från konsumenterna snarare än att skydda dem mot konkurrens från framförallt större företag och artister. Alla ställer vi upp på att en vara ska levereras mot betalning men samtidigt blir det otroligt svårt att ta betalt för enstaka fotoner över en fiberkabel, då dem inte väger någonting och har endast en liten energi. Införskaffning av fler elektroner sker dessutom helt automatiserat och kräver en otroligt liten ansträngning från datoranvändaren.

    Men vi får inte glömma bort varan som levereras. Nu när Avatar går på bio så är det extremt tydligt att om det bara produceras varor av god kvalité så kan dem sälja bra ÄVEN fast dem är enkelt digitaliserade och immateriella. IP-rättigheter ska inte som idag inom patent och upphovsrätt användas som medel för inkomsten utan ska främst fungera som konkurrenslagstiftning för att få en fungerande marknad. Det är därför vi måste minska ner omfattningen på IP-lagstiftnigen till en nivå där dem inte verkar konkurrenshämmande utan konkurrenshöjande. Jag tror att varå pirapartistiska grunder även kan tillämpas på andra områden för att stärka konkurrensen och inte bara för IP men den diskussionen kan vi ta inför 2014 😉

    Kommentar av MrHama — 29 januari 2010 @ 13:28

  64. förlåt för textdiarré och ev. syftnignsfel… 🙂

    Kommentar av MrHama — 29 januari 2010 @ 13:35

  65. I’m getting feedback from Spain that this Ros character is well known in the wrong circles for the wrong reasons. He’s called ‘the hand that rocks the cradle’. As in the hand that rules the world. He’s also described as the ‘puppet of the country across the seas’. Not good!

    The following piece is written by a Spanish lawyer. Try Google for translating but spaniards seem to use a lot of slang. Look for the post ‘Francisco Ros has had only one master: Telefonica’.

    Bottom line? They’re as perplexed (and wary) as we are.

    Kommentar av Rick — 29 januari 2010 @ 20:10

  66. Here’s a summary of Ros’ career. Yes, mostly with Telefonica.

    Kommentar av Rick — 29 januari 2010 @ 20:16

  67. […] vi är förvisso fortfarande en demokrati, men tecknena att allt inte står rätt till börjar bli oroväckande många. Falkvinge borde dock inte vara blind för att i försvaret av friheten på nätet också […]

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  68. Your post is simply stupid and full of implicit and explicit arrogance – grow up!

    Kommentar av j. Buechner — 15 februari 2010 @ 16:01

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  70. […] välsignade glömska! I Spanien hävdar ledande politiker att ”vi måste ge Internet möjlighet att glömma”. (Liknande tankegångar […]

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  71. very positive article thanks for share with us

    Kommentar av Positive thinking — 1 augusti 2010 @ 16:53

  72. […] inte Jonathans härliga initiativ. Ej heller partiledarna i Oz. Christian berättar om ett gäng spanjorer som deklarerat krig mot verkligheten, vilket Göran fyller på några tankar kring. Sen har farmor […]

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