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25 november 2009

Question to the Commission on ACTA

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Written question to the Commission

Yesterday the European Parliament adopted the Telecoms Package. We now have an additional tool that we can use to ensure a free and open Internet.

It can be used to put pressure on governments in the member states not to introduce three-strikes laws, or similar repressive measures. But it can also be used directly on the EU level.

I have just submitted the following written question to the Commission, pursuant to Rule 117 in the Rules of Procedure of the European Parliament:

To the Commission:

ACTA negotiations and the Telecoms Package principles

In the recent agreement on the Telecoms Package, it was decided that no measures restricting end-users’ access to the internet may be taken unless they are appropriate, proportionate and necessary within a democratic society – and never without a prior, fair and impartial procedure that includes the right to be heard and respects the presumption of innocence and the right to privacy.

Are the proposals currently being discussed in the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) negotiations fully in line with the letter and the spirit of these provisions in the Telecoms Package? If not, when and how will the Commission redress any incompatibilities?

The answer from the Commission should appear in about six weeks.


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10 kommentarer

  1. Jättebra Christian, du gör ett jättebra jobb!

    Kommentar av ulf_pirat — 25 november 2009 @ 16:37

  2. Six weeks?
    When will the ACTA negotiations become public, before they’re already in application?

    Kommentar av Francesco — 25 november 2009 @ 19:50

  3. Mina applåder ❗

    Kommentar av Josef Boberg — 25 november 2009 @ 20:16

  4. Hello This story is digged on:

    My digg history at:

    Regards, Urban

    Kommentar av Urban Sundström — 25 november 2009 @ 21:02

  5. Varför i helvete röstade inte pp mot telkopaketet?

    Kommentar av Fatman — 25 november 2009 @ 23:00

  6. Fatman: För att Christian är pragmatisk och bryr sig mer om faktiska resultat än principer. Telekompaketet kom efter en mycket hård fight till en punkt där det inte gick att komma längre. Hade vi röstat nej nu efter alla dessa förhandlingar så hade med största sannolikhet ett sämre förslag snart kommit fram och risken är stor att detta då hade gått igenom eftersom så många till varje pris vill ha ett telekompaket. Christian gjorde det bästa av situationen och lyckades otroligt bra med tanke på förutsättningarna.

    Kommentar av Tuxie — 26 november 2009 @ 8:44

  7. Speaking of Rules of procedure, have you considered initiating Intergroups for copyright, internet and privacy issues pursuant to Rule 32?

    If this is a way to build alliances for pirate policy it’s worth considering the benefits and drawbacks.

    Kommentar av Johan Tjäder — 26 november 2009 @ 9:24

  8. @Johan Tjäder,

    The intergroups are in the process of being formed right now. It is a quite complicated process (since it, by definition, involves lots of different members from different political groups).

    It is quite preliminary yet, but there are three intergroups that look promising and that we are considering:

    – New media
    – Integrity
    – Free Software

    But, as I said, nothing is final yet, so we’ll have to see.

    Kommentar av Christian Engström — 26 november 2009 @ 10:19

  9. This is a bit offtopic but anyhow in an entertaining way shows how the parliament works:

    Farange on Ashton…

    Kommentar av Hans J — 26 november 2009 @ 18:20

  10. […] Piratpartiet pregunta a la UE por incompatibilidades entre Telecom y ACTA (Eng)…  por angelitoMagno hace pocos segundos […]

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